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So here we go on a crisp Christmas Day eve 2009.  My first blog which I’m sure will be uninspired and rough to the bone.  I’m not a particularly educated guy, a tadge awkward on the keyboard and I need to use the spell checker to make sure that I have everything pretty much correct.

I feel awkward because at my age it’s not easy to start writing about things – life, work, friends, family and all manner of other things when you haven’t done so before.  We have a whole generation of people who can do this kind of thing much better than I, but I feel that I should do this for myself.

I was reading an article in a national a few months ago about the ‘text generation’ and how the thumb has become the predominant digit for all sorts of things.  This new generation of ‘digit’ users will probably use the thumb instead of the forefinger to carry our a range of functions of previously ‘forefinger only’ operations because of the way in which we now use the mobile to communicate.  One example is probably ringing a door bell.  How do you ring the door bell? with your forefinger or your thumb? Me, I’m still on the forfinger but many I’m sure are on the thumb.

Whatever the outcome lets hope that the door bells keep ringing and that the text doesn’t take over as the preferred means of personal communication, can there be any other better method of keeping in touch with friends and family than by dropping by and ringing the door bell – I think not.   

key ut vita est illic , iustus vultus