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The Ministry of Silly Walks” is a sketch from the Monty Python comedy troupe’s television show Monty Python’s Flying Circus, episode 14, which is entitled “Face the Press”. The episode first aired in 1970. The popularity of the series was unquestionably high and its cult status continues today.  I was thinking that the ministries of the UK government are still trying to emanate the ministry in its dealings with the british public, every day we hear and see the results of such daftness around us.

Our sometimes faceless MP’s who this year have been walking into all sorts over rows over expenses are still at it, and now our dutiful peers in the House of Lords seem to be filing their boots with festive public funds and so the debate and un-hinging goes on.   It is alleged that some peers are abusing their £174-per-day overnight allowance and this got me thinking about other areas of allowances for those on the public purse.

Ask any firefighter how much they might receive for having to go overnight to another fire station to keep a fire engine ‘on the run’ and it probably won’t make the 30 quid mark, and thats if he can provide receipts for good housekeeping and open accounting.  The MP’s and peers, have abused their position but what can be done when these people who mange our money on our behalf are self-regulating the system.

To make things worse Labour’s Baroness Adams, who did not speak in the Lords during the year, got a whopping £66,896 in allowances, not bad from any point of view.

As a caring citizen with a community spirit to match I’m quiet prepared to give up my job for a year and form a new committee to look at allowances and benefits of MP’s and Peers, I worked out that if I have just 50 nights out money and few other allowances I’ll probably be able to earn three times what I earn now and have a very nice life thank you – about time that serving the communities of the country stopped taking and started giving something more  – come on guys see the bigger picture it’s not all about self.