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As a practising Locksmith and businessman, I see everyday life in all of its most fascinating forms.  Being invited into peoples lives (well sometimes but not always), I have the ability to help people when they most need it.  I both enjoy and love my work; life and people never cease to fascinate me and I have a belief that there is good in everyone, albeit in different measures and depths, how could I believe anything less.

As an Essex boy who is on his second career, I have enjoyed the wealth of life and feel very satisfied with myself and where I am in my life.  I have had much pleasure from people who have shared my life with me at various points, and think they have always left me with something extra, some shared experience, some knowledge, some vision, some love.  Some have stayed throughout it and some have moved on to enjoy their own life further, but I will always remember them and I am very thankful for participating in my life in some way.

I am, if I do say myself, for the most part a positive influence on those I come into contact with. I am a zesty person  always encouraging others to achieve everything that they can in a way that makes them feel whole;  I feel that the ‘boy has made good’ despite difficult early childhood menaces – I thank everybody that has contributed to helping me be who I am today.


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